Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fuck?!

Rant time, Minions. Hope you're ready for this!

Xic is in the reserves. He used to be active duty but since got out and plays weekend warrior. Now the military has exercises to keep them sharp. No big deal, right? Well it wasn't until what I heard last night. OPSEC be damned:

Military use to hold live fire exercises (real ammo shot during these training periods) until the 80's. why did they stop? Because too many people were getting killed. Seriously, our guys were shooting live ammo at targets yet hitting their own guys. So since then, 30 years ago, they haven't had live ammo exercises.

Our guys go overseas and get shot at by the other side every day. Some are lucky enough to not have to go on tours or get cushy jobs over there. Or guys have firing to keep them efficient with their weapons. They hold exercises at random times and treat it as a real world experience complete with casualties (special effect make-up used here).

So what has me worked up today? Well, I get notified by Xic that now they're bringing back live fire exercises! The fuck, guys? Seriously, our guys getting shot at on foreign soil isn't enough? Now you want to bring back the type of exercise that has our guys shooting live ammo? You're trusting some of these punk wannabe Rambo weekend warriors to not shoot their buddies? What the fuck happens if one freaks out and sprays all over the fucking place? "Collateral damage"? What the fuck do you tell the wives, husbands, kids, parents of the ones who get shot? Your (fill in the blank) was shot during a training exercise this weekend. Friendly fucking fire right here in the states. You want them to train and make sure they're hitting the right target, give them paint balls first! Those fuckers hurt and you know if you're on target.

"They were protective gear, ma'am. There are measures in place to make sure..." Blah blah fucking blah. BULLSHIT! That helmet you give them doesn't stop a stray fucking bullet. Got anything to protect their necks? Didn't think so.

I know our guys get shot every day in war zones. I know our police force get fired upon every day. Why the fuck should we risk our guys getting shot because you think they need more practice? Guess what I think will happen... People will die because some fuck up wannabe hero will start showing off and shit will happen and you'll have to stop the live fire again after getting yelled at by a bunch of pissed off spouses and parents. On top of that, you'll be losing a shit ton of people due to PTSD and lower enlistments than normal.

Have fun with that, guys. I just hope Xic gets his Sleep Apnea claim approved since the fucker likes to quit breathing 34 times a damn night on average. Seriously, he had a sleep study done and they're putting him on an APAP machine for "Severe Sleep Apnea". So now not only do I have to worry and lose sleep because he stops breathing every fucking night, I now have to worry about some dip shit, snot nosed noob shooting him over the fucking weekend at training. Awesome. My solid 2 hours of sleep will become a good 30 minutes now. Fuckers.


P.S. I hate that I can't post shit from my iPad anymore and copying form my email forces me to highlight and change the text.