Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can It Be Friday?

I tell you, Minions, this has been the week from Hell so far. Between doctors, Xic's commitments, and family bullshit drama, I need the fucking weekend to be here... STAT!

I didn't write too much as the drama went down because I was so infuriated with what transpired that I was close to ousting everyone involved, including myself. I need my anonymity to protect my kids, so I held off until I could formulate words without using names. If you're ready, I'll take you on a trip about this.

So on Monday, as you all know, I had my doctors appointment. And you know how that went. Well, the same day I get a message from SIL that says she's deleting everyone from her Facebook. I find out that she calls Xic out in a post about something she heard from a third party. As most people know, third party information usually stinks like any Justin Bieber song. She was informed that Xic said she and another SIL were uneducated, dependent on others, he didn't trust anyone (including me), and only trusted Xeno. She sends me a message saying she was also told that Xic, nor I, cared for her at all. I told her that I would call anyone out on that fucking statement. And I still would! As I punch them in the damn throat and cut out their tongue for lying and starting family fucking drama. I thought this was suppose to be a fairly recent conversation. It turned out it was one I had actually be present for and the information she got was fabricated on so many fucking levels.

So what was said? Did Xic really call them uneducated? No. What he said was they didn't finish high school. Does that sound the same at all? Not to me. It sounds like they didn't finish high school. Did Xic really say they were dependent on others? That's left for interpretation. He said one SIL was married and had X amount of kids before XX age for whatever reason and is supported by her husband. Okay, so she's dependent on her husband. Other SIL has kids and gets money for disabilities (though I believe he said in a somewhat joking/loving manner she was broken). So she's dependent on that check? Aren't we all dependent on some check in one form or another? Did Xic really say he only trusted Xeno? No. What he did say was out of his siblings, he does trust her the most. Why? Because she's the closest one to him. They're close in age, got in trouble together growing up, and all that happy shit. Does he doubt what he hears from his other siblings? Sometimes, yes. Why? Most of the information he gets from them is from, drum roll please.... A THIRD PARTY!

Does all of this mean we don't care for/about them? No. What does it mean? Exactly what it says. Third party information sucks and we don't believe most of it, is some form or another we're all dependent on someone to give us money and shit, and they didn't finish high school. Guess what? A lot of Americans don't finish high school. Some get their GED later in life, some are already working doing what they want and don't feel the need to continue, and some just said fuck it. Did we, at any time, label them as one or another? Not that I know of. I know I didn't. If Xic did, I don't know. What I do know is everything that he did say in the conversation in question was stuff he had already said before and it was no secret to anyone.

So all fucking week I've been looking at this from every fucking side I could and came to this conclusion:

You believe third party information, delete me from Facebook (*sniff* That really hurt), delete your own siblings as well (really?), all because a phone conversation was over heard and what wasn't actually heard was made up. Fine. No sweat off my back. But here's the fucking kicker. You ready for this? When you realize that all of this information was made up for whatever reason, be it trying to read between the line or for personal entertainment value (let's face it, some people just want to watch the world burn), and you want to call, text, or add me back to Facebook... I. Won't. Be. There. Why? Because I listened to your problems. I was an outlet for you to vent to. I was there when one, or both, of these other people pissed you off so royally that you wouldn't talk to them. I called you to check up on you when you were sick, when shit went down on your end, and let you cry to me when no one else would listen. I was fucking there for you in a way that most sisters-in-law wouldn't. Why? Because I saw you as family. No in-law on that. Just family. You said you thought you knew me better than to say I didn't care for you, yet you believed it anyway. Guess what... Fuck you, then! I won't be your fucking go to when shit goes down again. 

You think you're a force to be reckoned with when you get mad? Honey, I've been through more shit than I let you know about and I intentionally let people underestimate me. ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. So please, if you're feeling froggish, LEAP. Go ahead and try to blast Xic and me for what you think you know about us and our life and who you think we are. You don't really know me. Not the real me. Even Xic isn't completely sure of the destruction that I am capable of. And since I know members of your family read this, that you will in turn see this. I don't give a fuck. There is nothing you could ever do that would break me. NOTHING. So if you really want to try, feel free. I'm resourceful beyond belief. Don't believe me? Ask my Minion who sent me a message about homeboy that tried to rip her off. I got his name and everything, blasted him, and guess who shut down his operation and refunded her money?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doctor! Doctor! Give Me the News...

I've got a bad case of wanting to punch you! Yeah, remember back I was talking about my doctor who seemed like he wanted to help me, get me in with a neurosurgeon to fix my herniated disc? Yeah, not so happy with him now...

Yesterday I went back for a follow-up and here's what he said:

      "I don't think the problem is in your back. I want to do a nerve conduction test because I think you have a lesion on a nerve in your leg. Plus, you don't need to get addicted to pain pills"

  2. How the fuck is a lesion on a leg nerve going to cause pain IN MY BACK?
  3. You want me to get a huge ass needle shoved into various parts of my leg and shock the nerves again and think I'm going to be okay with that? FUCK YOU!

I'm beginning to think you're just trying to milk me for money now, doc. Guess what? Not. Going. To. Happen. Why would I subject myself to the same fucking test again that showed there was no fucking lesion on any fucking nerve in my leg? They also checked on an MRI for nerve lesions as well as brain lesions. Guess what it showed? NOTHING. No lesions anywhere. 

But hey, what do I know? I'm just the bitch who has the pain in her fucking back that radiates down her legs to her feet and also down my fucking arms. How could that possibly be a problem in my back? You know what they did find on my MRI? A herniated fucking disc. Know what I had done for said problem? Physical Therapy, X-Ray Guided Epidural Injections, rest, massage, and then Vicodin from you. 

I have exhausted every fucking solution for the fucking problem and was told by the doc who gave me the injections "These did not work at all. You need surgery." I was told by you "You need surgery." Now you're telling me it's not my fucking back at all? You sound like a doc I had before who called me a "Fainting Goat" because I have an arrhythmia in my heart. He also started that conversation with "How many kids do you have and how old are the little bastards?" and followed with "You don't even have HIV. What's a girl like you suppose to do?" Know what happened to that doc? He got fired and was lucky I didn't spork his fucking eyes out. I would have bitten his jugular and drank his blood but I didn't want to catch his smug attitude. Fucking House wannabe.

So doc, what to do with you? Should I call my insurance and tell them I need/want a second opinion or let you subject me to a battery of tests that will show what they have in the past and be inconclusive? I'll fucking humor you one time and get this fucking painful ass test done. How the fuck ever, if it shows the same damn thing it did in the past, I'm switching doc faster than you can say "Turn your head and cough."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Buyer Beware!

I like to help my Minions in any way I can. They vent to me, and I will gladly blast anyone they have a problem with. Why? Because I don't give a fuck what others think. What are they going to do? Send me hate mail? Ooh, I'm shaking in my Demonia Boots. Anyway, on with today's tasty treat.

                   Dear Hekate,

           I hope you can help. If nothing else, spread the word about this guy. Three Months ago     I placed an order with Fresh Racks ClothingThis young twerp is a rip off and I had to fight to get him to respond to me. I sent my order and about 1.5 months ago I tried emailing, then calling, and then Facebook messaged him. In total I have tried to contact him 12-13 times and just this morning on the second phone call to him, I woke him up.  Freakin' lil shit stain. He yelled at me, talked over me, was down right rude and told me there wasn't anything he could do for me until 5 mins later I convinced him to refund the shipping and resend it with a tracking number. I also had to explain to him that APO was a US address because he was wondering why I didn't have to pay international. Dumb fuck. I'm not the only one to complain about him either, but I gave him a benefit of doubt. Don't buy from him if you want it to be an easy sale. Kid sounded like a high schooler and was less than polite with me (yelling over the phone). Do not ever buy anything from Fresh Racks Clothing!

Pissed, drained, and fucking tired

Okay, where do I start? Well first off PDFT, you did the right thing contacting me. I hate fucking snot nosed, little know-it-all, pricks who think they can run a "business" from home and can fuck people over. They only do it because they are probably the nerdy ass kid who hides behind their keyboard on World of Warcraft calling everyone n00bs and pwning everyone they can because at school they're the awkward little shit who thinks the world is against them, is a pussy and will probably never get laid because they'll spend their entire life living in mom's basement. Or attic, depending on how horribly disfigured and/or derp they are. So what to do about our said loser. Well I'm about to go Level EPIC tehuberl33tpwntsauce on his ass. 

Oh mister man, you fucked over the wrong person. Having me as outlet to vent to end with someone crying in the corner sucking their thumb, and it's not me. So you douchewaffle, muddy turtle, level 80 dick-weed, fucktard, either start treating your customers better or one day you'll end up with someone on your doorstep beating the fuck out of you and trashing your "sweet" ride, which we all know is your mom's station wagon. Stop masturbating to your dad's porn stash, since that's all you have left of him because he probably left your whiny ass because he saw you'd never amount to shit, and do the right thing. Send the fucking shipments when they are placed. Don't put it off because you have to defeat the overlord right now or you might die. Get the fuck back to reality, you little shit, and run your so-called business or GTFO and leave it to the big boys and girls who care. Oh, and stop trying to sell those knock of Rolex watches out of your locker. That's just sad.

And for anyone who wants to try to defend this basement dwelling troll, feel free to email me. And if you yourself are said troll, I dare you to say shit. Why? Because I don't fucking care what you think. You, however, should care what your customers think. Otherwise you end up on the interwebs in blogs like this.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Sad, the Good(?), and the WTF?!

The sad news is we lost an American Hero. Neil Armstrong passed away yesterday at the age of 82. It was cited to be from complications from heart surgery. We're sad to see you go, Commander Armstrong. You will be missed bay family and friends and forever remembered in history.

The good(?) news is Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gave birth to a boy around 3 am. Why this made Yahoo! front page news and came before the article about Commander Armstrong confounds me. It's always nice to see what Americans find more important. Perhaps the monkeys who work at Yahoo! are more impressed with her than the rest of the world. Maybe they just want to hit it, just once. Hey monkeys! I think everyone has hit it by now.

So for the WTF news (and it's going to be twisted and if you're easily offended, GTFO now): I believe in reincarnation. Do you think Neil was reincarnated as Snooki's baby? If so, do you think he came out saying "One small step for man. One giant leap for... WTF is that?!"