Friday, October 19, 2012

Someone Needs an Ass Kicking...

Right now, Minions, I'm in a very pissed off mood and this could go one of two ways for you:

  1. This chick is funny as FUCK!
  2. Oh damn, I think she's talking about me!

There may be a point where you fit into both. Now, without any further fucking ado, I give you today's post.

I. FUCKING. HATE. CHEATERS. Plain and simple. Any form of cheater. The worst? Relationship cheaters. The douche/twat who just can't be fucking happy with the one person they have so they have more. More flirting, more sex, more what-the-fuck-ever it is they think they need. I've had to deal with cheaters before. More than once. How do I deal? Usually revenge.

Take one of my ex's, Gay-vy. Seemed like a good enough guy. We got "married" (turns out it wasn't legal because some paperwork was misfiled) and after a few months, I found out I was pregnant. I drove home to tell my "husband" the good news to find him in bed with... *pause for dramatic effect*... Another guy. Yep. Home skillet was gay and faked it with me. Not sure if I should think I was that good or if I'm manish... Anyway, after the fight and shit that happened after I found out, I took his credit card, bank card, and the car. I drove and got my tongue pierced, bought a shit ton of new goth clothes since eh destroyed all of my old ones, and fucked his car up hard core. I then drove back and tossed him the keys and took what money he had left and hopped on the train to The Oracle's in sunny SoCal. Next thing I hear, Deep Throater was driving when the engine started acting up (odd?) and a tire blew out (new tires, odd again?) and he flipped his car. Oh, the kicker... He was in the hospital getting his... Member... stitched up because his boyfriend bit him during the rollover. Just say NO to road head.

Then there was Constant Flirt. No matter what, this one had to flirt with every fucking bitch with a pussy. I swear. Shit became too much so I started flirting too. Only, I flirted with everyone. Guy, girls, it didn't matter. He flipped the fuck out and left because it was too much for him to handle. Watching the girl he wanted to marry flirt with everyone with no regard for his feelings. Boo fucking hoo. Zero fucks were given when he left.

Then there was Lilith (not her real name). I thought she was perfect. She was the first real person I knew. No games with her. Or so I thought. I was wrong. Bitch was running game for days! She was with a different guy every time I was on a shoot (I was a model and actress back in the day) and a different chick when I was working in The Haunted Hotel. So what did I do? Put hot sauce on her vibe. She wanted to be Miss Hot Crotch, fine. I'd help her along. Childish, yes. But funny as fuck when I saw her the week after I left. She couldn't figure out why she had blisters and burns. (Hint: Soak that fucker for a few days if it's silicone or something that is absorbent.)

The worst thing ever is someone who thinks about cheating, plans on cheating, cheats, and fucking talks in their damn sleep about the fucking shit! Cheese and fucking rice! It's bad enough that you have/are doing the deed, but I don't need to fucking here about it in detail when you're sleeping! I have seriously thought of severing vocal cords. Same goes wen you flirt knowing that shit is wrong and you fucking call me their name as you cuddle into me. I should have fucking beat your ass with a bat then and there, fucker. But I didn't. No, what I did was worse. I let Karma deal with your ass. Then when shit happened again, I didn't do anything again because Crazy Bitch did it herself. Repeatedly. For months. Then there was the sexting that I was forwarded as well (all of this happened within a few months) from another source. Fucking really? When the fuck were you going to learn? My guess, NEVER. Shit just kept fucking happening. Then one day... It stopped. Just like that. It was a "What the fuck just happened?" moment. I forgave shit that normally would have had me walking after inflicting horrible pain and torture on you. Forgave, never forgotten. Shit still hurts to this day.

So, for all you fuckers out there who think you won't get caught, you're too slick and have far too much game: WRONG, ASSHOLES! Shit always gets found out. Someway or another. If you're a sleep talker, you might as well just fess up to every thought you ever had. Seriously, because someone might start hitting you with random objects on night. Or you end up on the six o'clock news when your body is found several miles down a river bank. Just sayin'.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


No, I'm not talking about me being anonymous. I have my reason for hiding behind my pen name: To protect my kids. No, no. This post is about the hacking group Anonymous. Say what you want about the group of hacktivists, but after the video and info I saw on YouTube (now removed) I FUCKING LOVE THEM!

If you don't know the story of Amanda Todd, it's one of torment, extortion, bullying, and ultimately resulted in her death.

She's not the first person to be bullied to death and sadly I know she won't be the last. I take this topic very seriously as I myself was bullied and extorted by people when I was younger. I tried to kill myself the justice system failed me, but luckily I had a true friend to save me from myself. But that's another story entirely.

Amanda lost her "friends" and respect of her peers all because some fucktard decided they wanted to get their rocks off and exploit her. I use the term "friends" lightly because true friends wouldn't turn their back on you or do the things these immature assholes did. That info will come later...

Now, as for the person(s) involved in the release of her picture: These type of people are the lowest forms of life among us. They have such pathetic, insignificant lives that they need to manipulate anyone they can. Sadly, it's our youth that is the easiest to target. Now, thanks to Anonymous, they release the identity of one of these sleazebags (and another I believe, but I don't have that info right now). I don't care if people say "Oh, this does more harm than good." I say BULL SHIT! This is the best thing EVER! Why? Because if he's responsible, even if he's just a second or third in command, this guy is now exposed for what he is: A Pedophile! He's a sick fuck. Thank you, Anonymous, for releasing his info. And if I lived closer, I might just kick down this fuckers door and beat the fuck out of him, take pictures, and plaster them all over the interwebs for all to see a bruised, bloody, pathetic, waste of oxygen have his ass kicked by a survivor of this shit.

Now, as for the "friends" who turned their backs on Amanda when she needed them the most: You're no fucking better! How dare you claim to be a friend and then post and tag her in pictures of the shit you did! If you all were my kids, I'd fuck you up. Your asses would be drinking your fucking meals through a straw for the rest of your life if I let you fucking live. You deserve to be punished just as harshly for causing her death. Her death may be ruled a suicide, but believe me when I say that you and her tormentors killed her! It's murder in my eyes, you little bastards! I hope the though haunts you for the rest of your existence. I hope you are labeled as a bully and a killer. I hope you're exposed during the investigation, people learn your true nature, and charges are brought against you.

Now before you all get preachy on me and send me nasty emails about how I'm being mean and shouldn't wish ill on these "misguided" kids and the persons behind the leaking of Amanda's photo let me remind you: MY BLOG, MY OPINION, AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Are we clear? Think how you would feel if it were your child being extorted. Maybe even yourself. You would want retribution, correct? In any form you could get, right? Yeah, so shut the fuck up with your "Two wrongs don't make a right" bull shit and jump on the vent wagon with me.