Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holidays and Hekate

Oh Minions, I'm sure by now everyone has been wondering what has become of your beloved Goth Mom over the holidays. Well, you're in luck. I'm about to spin a story for you that will have you saying, "Maybe my family isn't that bad after all!"

Let's start with Thanksgiving. Well, we traveled 5 1/2 hours a few days before to visit family since Xic had to work on Thanksgiving. If Nyx wasn't crying, Nox was. When they finally fell asleep we had to wake them up to eat lunch. Never, I repeat, NEVER wake a sleeping toddler Well, unless you want to deal with screaming and crying for 3 hours. We make it to our destination and what followed was semi fun and frustrating as fuck. I visited with my aunt I hadn't seen in 23 years. That as the fun part. Me being the big kid I am, I sat in her lap and she rocked me like she use to when I was a kid. Stop laughing fuckers! I'm still a bad ass, my aunt is just that fucking awesome. We drive back home and I have to make Thanksgiving dinner while Xic is working. I'll say this: My Hekate Original Brine fucking rocks. Best. Turkey. EVER.

Fast forward to December. Christmas is usually a fun time. Usually. The week before Christmas I almost got taken out by some bad cheese. Sounds lame, right? Yeah, keep reading... I have allergies. Mushrooms, tree nuts, Penicillin, stuff like that. So why was I almost taken out by cheese? It was in the beginning stages of mold. What is mold but home grown Penicillin. Why did I eat moldy cheese? Funny thing you ask. It didn't look molded, didn't smell moldy, and it didn't taste like it either. It was in the very early stage of it. Me being the sensitive one, I broke out in hives and started having trouble breathing. So 40 minutes and an ambulance ride later I was given EpiPens and told to stop taking my seizure meds because it could make it worse. Awesome.

Later that day Nyx tossed her cookies. Twice. I thought it was just stress of the EMTs being there, turns out my little table licker got sick from licking a table at the pizza place we went to the day before. Luckily it lasted a day. Bad news is she gave it to Nox. Nox was worse. Nyx slept most of the time she was sick and wanted to be held. Nox, not so much. She stayed awake for 24 hours and went into rage mode. She didn't want to be touched, held, comforted, or be left alone. After 24 hours, she crashed and crashed hard. She was feeling better the next day. Me, not so much. I got sick around the same time as Nox, but mine lasted 2-3 days. I don't really remember too much except it was the first time in a long time that I drank just water. If you know me, you know I don't drink plain water. But all was well after a few days and everyone is back to our normal.

So now it's a new year, Nyx and Nox are 2, Verin is turning 10, and I've got a birthday coming up soon. All I want is to get my hair dyed black with red streaks again. That's it. Yeah, I'm simple. Plus Xic got me a new tattoo and a new car for Christmas so what else could I possibly want or need? Okay, a Zombie Themed birthday party would be nice too... Mmm... BRAINS!