Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Serious Case of Mangina

Minions, in the apps I play (i.e. Marvel War of Heroes) we have "trainings" or "wars" with other alliances. Sometimes we win, sometimes we get our asses handed to us. The point is, win or lose we take its in stride and learn from what we did wrong. Usually it falls on us not having enough people online or calling one in before we fully recharged our attack power. Now when we win, sometimes it's EPIC. Last night was one of those EPIC times.

We went to war against an alliance we massacred once before. No big deal. Last nights war was close for a while. We pulled ahead, then they caught up. Then they were ahead and we caught up. Close to the end three or four of us unleashed a beating that they couldn't come back from if they were Dr. Who. (Is my geek showing again?)

Now sometimes you have gracious losers who send messages like "Man, good fight! If you ever want to merge alliances let me know!" Or "LOL And I though we had you when we were trailing by only 11k points!" Sometimes, though, we encounter the epitome of the sad existence of man. The cry babies who just refuse to except that they lost in a fair fight and have to whine, bitch, moan, and threaten with tattling on you to the mods of the game. Case in point: Mobage player L8RG8RS1


Ooh! Your going to tell on us for beating your team? OH NOES! PUH-LEASE don't tell on us for playing fair! Seriously, you basement dwelling, pansy ass, momma's boy? Get the sand out of your mangina, grow a fucking pair, and get the fuck over yourself. Take the loss and deal with it. You don't like losing? Too fucking bad, numb nuts. That's part of life. You may have grown up where everyone got a participation ribbon so the sniveling little shits like you didn't feel left out, but in the real world that doesn't happen. It's a fucking game, you lost, DEAL WITH IT! It's pretty fucking pathetic that a chick has to tell you that. Douchewaffle. Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Too fucking bad, asswipe. Go suck on your mommy's tits and hope she'll comfort you because you lost in a damned game. Also, the next time you think about messaging one of us bitching because your magina is bleeding, don't. Take a fucking Midol, shove a tampon in the bitch, shut the fuck up, and move on.